About Real Estate Best Buddy

Started by a College Student That Had Passion and Hustle To Help Likeminded Individuals Succeed in the Real Estate Industry!


About the Founder

Kyle Allen has a belief in creating and growing as a team with each employee, client, and investor in order to maintain the best relationship status. Anything in this life is possible to achieve if you have the right mindset. Kyle is the founder of Real Estate Best Buddy. The company first started his sophomore year and he started helping agents put out open house signs on weekends saving agents the hassle and increase the attendance rates at open houses.

After, learning multiple new skills based off learning more about the industry Kyle started to gain the trust with clients to operate their social media, digital advertisements, and website design. He saw a problem in the real estate community and decided to take action and increase realtors and loan officer's digital footprint. Kyle most recent expansion has been in his photography and videography skills which has allowed him to produce high quality commercials and also content.

Since then Kyle started working with small businesses in the Tucson and Phoenix area increase the awareness of brands to the local communities.

Our History

Founded to help real estate professionals.

  1. Launched Sign Services

    The company first started with helping agents put out open house signs on weekends saving them the hassle and increase the number of viewers

  2. Started Digital Agency

    RBB moved into the technology space by growing Real Estate Agent's social presence - working with top realtors to grow their reach in the marketplace

  3. Expanded into Phoenix

    Growing out of Tucson and into the Phoenix market, helping Realtors in all of Arizona with their digital needs

  4. RBB Today

    Kyle and company continue growing and bringing creative content to Real Estate agents as the best resource for Real Estate Marketing

Let's Work Together

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