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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will you install our open house signs?

Good Question! We install Corrugated Plastic signs. If your signs happen to be corrugated plastic we can install them. Most agents use the Real Estate Best Buddy open house signs, but if you are looking for a custom sign we can help make design those with you!

How important is a website?

Having a website is critical in 2019! Most business starts online and having a professional website allows you to be found by potential clients without having to pay an employee to go find the leads. These leads can come directly to you! We help agents, loan officers, investors, and other real estate professionals by creating custom websites for them.

Do you take pictures/videos other than listings?

YES! Our professional photographers love taking pictures of homes but are capable of anything. We can take team photos and also lifestyle pictures for our clients allowing them to show themselves in a new light. Message us today and learn more about how we can help.

Why should I advertise on Social Media?

You need to be where your customers are and they are consumed by social media. You can reachfriends and family with organic content but you expand your reach to targeted buyers and sellers with paid promotions online. This is the most cost-effective way to reach people in 2019. Set up a free social media consultation with our team to learn more about the benefits of social media.

Why would I pay to put up my signs?

Every agent we work with has nothing but amazing things to say about our open house services! We have a special system that allows you to get more people through your open house without you having to lift a finger. We save you time, the hassle, effort, sweat, legwork, and resources of putting out your open house signs. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Why is video important?

Video has taken the internet by storm! This allows you to give a better perspective into what’s going on whether that’s a new program, update, or listing that you have to share. It makes it easier for your customer to consume the information. You will reach 3X the amount of people with a video compared to the next leading content with is pictures. Plus, it has an 80% higher click through rate than other advertisements.


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